My Philosophy


Wedding photography should be about you, not about your wedding.

Centerpieces, the dress, bouquets, the cake, those carefully calligraphed name tags-these are all nice, and I will be sure to get photos of them. But I think your photos should be about you, about your relationship as a couple, your friends, your family, and the deep and sometimes complicated emotions that a wedding brings out. At its heart, a wedding is all about relationships. It is not about the things the wedding magazines will try to tell you matter-it’s not the shoes, the beautiful venue, the rings, it isn’t what dresses your bridesmaids wear, the delicious hors d’oeuvres or the groomsmen’s matching ties. In its purest form, a wedding is a chance to bring together the people you care about the most to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in your life together as a couple. This is what I strive to capture-two people enjoying a special day with the people they hold near and dear.

Your wedding is not the best day of your life.

The dress shops, wedding magazines, florists, and just about everybody else trying to sell you stuff for your wedding will tell you it’s the biggest day of your life. I’m here to set the record straight-it’s not. And as soon as you stop putting that kind of insane pressure on a single day to be absolutely perfect, and the best day ever, you increase the odds of really enjoying your wedding for what it is. As I said above, a wedding is a starting point, the official beginning of a life together. While weddings are awesome, and ours was certainly a great time, I have had quite a few days that eclipsed our wedding in greatness. There were also days before our wedding that were quite awesome. Just off the top of my head, I would rank the births of our daughters, the night my wife made the questionable decision to accept my proposal, and the day we bought our home right up there with our wedding.  I sincerely hope there will be many, many great days in your future, and you will fondly look back on your wedding pictures and think “that was a great day, but this awesome thing happening now is even better.”

Your wedding will, however, be a pretty fantastic party, and my goal is to create images that you will treasure for the rest of your lives together.

Authentic photographs can’t be staged.

My goal is to provide a collection of images that honestly tell the story of your wedding day, and say more than who was there and what they were wearing. Photos of people smiling at the camera don’t really do that. I take a documentary approach, and capture your wedding guests as they interact. To do this, I insert myself in the middle of the action, from the getting ready to the dance floor (don’t worry, I stay out of the way during the ceremony). For the more posed photos of you as a couple, I may suggest certain poses and locations, but once I have set you up, I back off and encourage you to interact as you normally would.

Bottom line: my goal is to create authentic images that tell the story of you on your wedding day.