Planning a Green Wedding

Planning a Green Wedding

Weddings can carry an incredibly large environmental footprint-the average wedding in the US emits about 14.5 tons of CO2, more than an average person emits in a year.  A large portion of this is from guest’s travel to and from the wedding.  Other contributing factors are things like your choice of menu, where your food was grown or raised, where your flowers are from, your wedding decorations, and many other factors.  The following are some simple suggestions to help lower the carbon footprint of your wedding.

Choose a Central Location

The largest contributor to emissions at any wedding is guests traveling to it. Choosing a location that is as close as possible to most of your guests can help minimize travel. Many of your guests may also be able to carpool to your wedding-setting up a Facebook Group for your wedding and starting a discussion there is a great way to organize rides.

Use Local, In Season Flowers

Not only is using locally grown flowers a much more eco-friendly option than using exotic varieties flown in from halfway around the globe, you will most likely save a good deal of money, and you will be supporting a local grower.  Some great resources:

Use Local Foods

If you are having a summer or fall wedding, Maine’s farms have an abundance of fresh vegetables available, and many caterers are now focusing on using local ingredients.  Not only do local veggies tend to taste better, but you are saving a lot of fuel by not using foods that have been trucked in from points unknown. Also consider using local meats-they tend to be pricier, but your caterer most likely has relationships with some local farms. A few caterers using primarily local ingredients:

Buy Local Drinks

Maine has many amazing micro-breweries, as well as several very good vineyards. Most of the breweries and vineyards offer tours and tastings-set aside a couple days to go take some of the tours and pick out a few of your favorites!

Allagash Brewing Co
50 Industrial Way
Portland, ME 04103
Phone: 207-878-5385
Atlantic Brewing Co
15 Knox Rd
Bar Harbor ME 04609
Phone: 207-288-2337
Bar Harbor Brewing Co
135 Otter Creek Dr
Bar Harbor ME 04609
Phone: 207-288-4592
Gritty McDuffs
Various Locations

187 Lower Main St/PO Box 328
Freeport, ME 04032
Phone: 207-865-4321
Sebago Brewing Co
48 Sanford Drive
Gorham ME 04038
Phone: 207-856-2537
D.L. Geary Brewing Co Inc.
38 Evergreen Dr
Portland ME 04103-1066
Phone: 207-878-2337
Shipyard Brewing Co
86 Newbury St
Portland ME 04101-4219
Phone: 207-761-0807
Stone Coast Brewing Co
23 Rice St
Portland ME 04101
Phone: 207-773-2337
Rocky Bay Brewing Co
230 Park St
Rockland ME 04841
Phone: 207-596-0300
Bar Harbor Cellars
854 State Highway 3
Bar Harbor, ME 04609
Bartlett Maine Estate
Winery Spirits of Maine

P.O. Box 275
Gouldsboro, ME 04607
Blacksmiths Winery
967 Quaker Ridge Road
South Casco, ME 04077

General Resources

This page is a work in progress. If you have suggestions for other sites, ideas, or wedding vendors, e-mail me.