Cool Wedding Attendant Gift Idea!

Note: this is a sponsored post. I get a sweet customized flask and knife in exchange for sharing my experience. I wouldn’t promote junk, though, so you can be confident this is some good stuff.

A while ago, a company called Groovy Guy Gifts reached out to me to ask if I would be interested in reviewing one of their groomsmen favor gifts. After looking over their site and loving the variety of cool and useful customizable gadgets they offer, I said sure. Now, the site may be called Groovy Guy Gifts, but I think these would be equally rad gifts for any bridesmaids that like knives, flasks, beer steins or grilling.

I chose their Box of Trust (Retail $54.95), which is a handsomely engraved box containing a 6 oz custom engraved flask, and a custom engraved pocket knife.

The kit comes in a nice looking pine box, which can be reused to store whatever you fancy.

Engrave it with your wedding date, the recipient’s name, the possibilities are endless.

The knife is a really good quality, sharp, stainless steel implement.

So there you have it, if you are looking for cool customizable gifts, check out Groovy Guy Gifts at Fair warning, some of the descriptions are pretty corny, and of course, it follows the stereotypical list of things guys like (beer, football, BBQ). But, for the guy that really does like that stuff, they offer a great selection of good stuff at fair prices.